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When to refer

All children learn and develop in different ways however to become effective communicators, it is important that your child meets minimum developmental milestones with their communication, fine motor, gross motor, cognitive (thinking) and social skills. Research strongly suggests that early intervention is important to help your child succeed now and in later life.

Often, when young children are delayed with reaching communication milestones, they are not likely to simply "grow out" of them without intervention of some kind.  Children do not present with these difficulties because they are "lazy";  you may find that your child will become increasingly frustrated or will begin to avoid situations when they are required to communicate.  Older children may be reluctant to attend or participate in school activities, find completing their school work or homework tasks difficult, refuse to complete any written work, and may begin to develop some behavioural issues. Our experience has taught us that a parent/carer's "gut feeling" about their child should not be ignored, so please feel free to contact us, to discuss your concerns about your child.


See the Speech Pathology Australia website for more information about communication milestones and suggestions of how you can help your child's speech, language and literacy development.

Please note, you do not need a GP/doctor's referral to access speech pathology services at Kingsgrove Speech Pathology. Please see our contact us section, for more information about assistance packages available under Medicare and private health insurance companies.

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