Kingsgrove Speech Pathology


A speech pathologist has obtained a university degree specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of various communication and swallowing difficulties in both children and adults.

The speech pathologists at Kingsgrove Speech Pathology specialise in the assessment and treatment (therapy) of the following paediatric communication difficulties:

  • Receptive Language: understanding questions, concepts and instructions, auditory memory difficulties
  • Expressive Language: vocabulary development, formulating sentences, using correct grammar & syntax, story/narrative and descriptive skills development
  • Literacy & Learning Difficulties: pre-reading skills, reading fluency & comprehension, spelling and writing skills
  • Speech Sound disorders: articulation, phonology, dyspraxia
  • Stuttering/Fluency difficulties
  • Pre-verbal, Social Interaction and Play skill development

We are also qualified to work with children who have a diagnosis of a developmental/intellectual delay or learning difficulty. 



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