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About us

Our two experienced principal speech pathologists graduated from The University of Sydney in 2003. They both have 10 years of paediatric community health and private practice experience working with children 0-16 years in clinic based settings, educational settings and in the home.

The staff at KSP are passionate about helping all children reach their communication and learning potential in partnership with you, your child's preschool/childcare, school and other professionals they may be accessing (e.g. paediatrician, audiologist, occupational therapist, psychologist). Your child's speech pathologist will complete a comprehensive assessment to determine your child's specific areas of strength and weakness in addition to offering various individualised therapy services to improve your child's speech, language, literacy/learning skills and stuttering difficulties.




Our Philosophy
To achieve maximum results for your child, we believe that therapy should be engaging, motivating, and above all fun!  We also feel that it is important for parents/carers to participate and be involved in this therapy process. Our family partnership philosophy comprises of ensuring parents/carers are  skilled and empowered to work with their child and have the  confidence to support their children's communication skills outside the clinic setting. Throughout therapy sessions, we will demonstrate various activities and techniques, and encourage your participation to ensure you are well supported in practicing these tasks at home and are part of the decision making process at all times. We will also happily liaise with your child's preschool/childcare, school and other involved professionals to ensure your child receives a  holistic service and is supported in every environment.

We believe in early intervention and ongoing support for children who present with communication and/or learning difficulties. It is never too early or late to receive therapy and with time and practice, most difficulties can be resolved or improved over time. Please see our when to refer section, for more information.


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